Painted timber windows and doors

Painted windows and doors

Windows and doors are available in a variety of different colours nowadays. Here’s a guide to what we offer here at Premier.

Painted timber windows and doors

Painting your timber windows and doors is the perfect way to add a touch of charisma and uniqueness to your home. Timber home improvement products, such as sash windows and composite doors from Premier are available in a broad range of colours so that you can create the perfect door for your home.

Huge range of colours available

Timber windows and doors are available in a huge variety of popular hues nowadays: not just the standard whites and creams that you may think of. Heritage colours such as Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue and French Grey are proving particularly popular with buyers of timber home improvement products, wanting to achieve a traditional aesthetic in their properties. A good home improvement company (like Premier) should be able to offer a variety of paint colours for you to choose from.

The benefits of pre-painting our timber windows and doors

Here at Premier, we pre-paint all of our timber windows and doors. This means that you simply tell us the type of window you’d like, and in what colour, and we’ll do the rest!

Pre-painting our timber windows and doors has a lot of benefits. Here’s a few of them.

Better quality finish

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach particular areas of a window or door after installation. By pre-painting your timber windows and doors before they are installed we can ensure that a comprehensive finish is applied all over. This safeguards the aesthetics of your product.

Quicker installations

Painting your window or door in advance also speeds up installation time; allowing us to source, and install, a product much more quickly in a home.

Saves you time, money and effort!

Pre-painting our timber windows and doors saves you a huge amount of time, money and effort. Rather than having to spend hours laboriously painting, we paint all of our windows and doors in advance so that you’re spared the hassle and hard work!

Premier: painted timber window and door specialists

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