How to Maintain your Timber Windows

Nothing completes the look of a home in quite the same way as timber windows, but there is no denying that they require a certain level of maintenance. You want to make sure that your windows continue to remain sturdy and protected against the elements and the best way to stop your timber from rotting is to make sure that your timber is properly maintained and looked after. If you’re not sure of the best ways for you to do this, here at Premier Windows, we are here to help you make the most of your timber window frames. 


How often Should you Clean and Maintain your Timber Windows?


When we mention to our customers that timber windows require maintenance, they tend to worry about the amount of time they’re going to spend on their maintenance. We would recommend maintaining your windows twice a year, in the spring and the autumn. This way you’ll be able to prepare it for the harsh winter season and make sure that you’ve dealt with any damage afterwards. As a result, you’ll be able to avoid any serious damage to your timber. 


Which Products Should You Use?


The right cleaning products will depend on the different timbers that you choose and the different finishes that they have. It would be best if you spoke to us directly about it by giving us a call. With more than forty years of experience behind us, we know that we can offer you all the advice that you could need to properly maintain the timber in your window frames. There are several different choices available to you and you must avoid anything with ammonia in it, which has a corrosive agent that can damage the glazing and coating on your timber.


When do you Need to Redecorate?


There are times when timber windows need a little more than a simple clean. While you can redecorate your windows whenever you feel like having a change, there are times when this is a necessity for the maintenance of your timber. Often the biggest indicators can be seen in damage to the paint or stain on the windows. This could be flaking or peeling paint or a dulling of the coating in general. Both of these are signs that the protective layer that paint and stains offer is being worn away. 


The natural element of your timber window’s life cycle can be easily controlled by repainting the timber. The first thing you should do is sand back the flaking or fading sections with sandpaper to create a smooth finish before you clean them with warm water. Cleaning your timber will ensure that your repaint is free from contaminants, creating a long-lasting finish. You must leave your timber to dry out properly. 


This is a vital step that you shouldn’t skip over for the sake of speed because if you paint your timber when it’s still wet, you’ll find yourself in deep trouble. The paint will trap the water in the timber, causing the timber to rot, which will result in you needing to buy new windows. This is a costly mistake that you won’t want to make, it’s better for you to be patient and paint once the window frame is completely dry. 


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