Do You Want to Purchase Sash Windows in South London?


Exploring Sash Window Options in London: Replacement and Upgrades


Are you Unsure about Buying Timber Sash Windows in London?

As a homeowner, you will likely always be on the lookout for ways in which to upgrade and improve your property. For some of you, this will entail redecorating your home’s exterior; other people will think that the first point-of-call should be renovating the bathroom. Here at Premier Windows, however, we think that your money would be well-spent on investing in brand-new windows. 

Specifically, you would be well-served purchasing timber sash windows in London. These products are only continuing to see their popularity soar, and the sooner you place an order the better. If you would like to discuss the possibilities that we can facilitate, or wish to inquire about an initial quote, the number that you can reach our support team on is 020 8683 4446. Our representatives will be thrilled to assist you in any way that they can.  


Why Should You Invest? 

Since their introduction, it is safe to say that uPVC windows have hit the ground running; that being said, this does not necessarily mean that you have to follow the crowd. There are plenty of people still purchasing timber sash windows from the likes of Premier Windows, and with good reason. These will make for an excellent addition to any period property – their aesthetics alone are enough to convince some people to invest. Aside from that, their durability is certainly a selling-point that does not get enough credit. If you were to opt for timber-framed units, you wouldn’t have to concern yourself with buying replacements anytime in the near future – these will have no-trouble standing the test of time.


What are the Alternatives? 

Although you might like the idea of sash windows, you may feel as if timber is not the material that is best-suited to your particular style of home. Thankfully, you are not solely able to purchase timber sash windows in London when you elect to work with Premier Windows – the world is your oyster, and this is evidenced by the growing catalogue that we offer our customers. 

Some of you, for instance, might be drawn in by the uPVC casement windows that are available; these immediately inject some class into your property. Alternatively, we can replace your outdated panes of glass with modern double-glazing, which will quickly provide a boost to your home’s thermal efficiency. As you can see, you are not short of options when you decide to enlist our help.


Why should you receive window replacements?

There are many reasons why you should seek replacement sash windows in South London. These can include but are not limited to, the feeling of drafts, even when your windows are closed, stiffness when opening/closing windows, soft frames or an extensive build-up of condensation. All of these elements, when left untreated, can cause further damage, not just to your windows, but to your home interiors and exteriors. Condensation, in particular, can be harmful with moisture build-up, comes mould and damp, ruining curtains/blinds, window sills and most importantly, can have a severe effect on your health. However, by obtaining our replacement windows, you can prevent these issues, while also improving your home in both appearance and functionality.


What can we do for you?

Here at Premier Windows, we can work with both uPVC and timber replacement sash windows in South London, depending on your particular requirements. We understand that it can be a stressful ordeal; however, we aim to make it as simple as possible using expert craftsmanship and world-class products. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we will make it our mission to assist you from beginning to end, for you to receive replacements that you can trust for years to come. For classy and classic styles, we believe uPVC is ideal for you, whereas the timber options are more contemporary with custom-built designs that can suit any home.


How can our replacements benefit you?

Our replacement sash windows in South London, will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also improve the energy efficiency of your property, that can help you save on your energy bills each year. They are smooth in operation, and stunning in design allowing you to own gorgeous new windows at cost-effective prices that give you the best value for your money. Each of your windows will be built and maintained to the highest standards possible with focused and modern methods that are bespoke to you. This is guaranteed to give an excellent finish as well as an unbelievable aesthetic appeal that is hard to beat. You will also be happy to know that our brilliant services have allowed us to achieve the winning title of the 2015 Build It- Best Windows Award, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in the most capable hands.

If you are interested in our replacement sash windows in South London, feel free to call us on 020 8683 4446, and we can arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and establish a date at a time that suits you. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and provide you with any further information you require. 


Why should you purchase sash windows?

As is the case with products in every industry, sash windows have a number of pros and cons attached to them. Whilst you may sacrifice a little bit of ventilation with these products, due to the double-glazing, this is a minor inconvenience when put into context. If you were to purchase sash windows in South London, you would be able to enjoy a level of security that is not present in other options. Not only this, but they are extremely low maintenance, meaning that you do not need to spend countless hours cleaning and scrubbing. If you get in touch with Premier Windows, you will be able to learn more as to why these are a prime option for your property.

Here at Premier Windows, we have two different models available to customers – uPVC, and Timber. Whilst relatively similar in terms of their properties, in terms of appearance they could not be further apart. If you are someone that lives in a more rustic and traditional home, it is likely that timber will better suit your property aesthetically-wise. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more contemporary look, look no further than uPVC.


Importance Of Double-Glazing

In the past, people would not think particularly much of investing their hard-earned finances into replacing the panes of glass in their home’s windows – this was viewed to be something of a luxury. However, if you were to decide that you would like to purchase double-glazed sash windows in London, you would subsequently be able to enjoy a fantastic array of benefits which come with this decision. No longer will you be bombarded by noise when rush-hour traffic begins to build up. Not only this, but you will notice the positive impact that these products can have on reducing your heating bill. If this sounds like something which you would like to take advantage of, Premier Windows will certainly be able to help you.


Different Glazing Options

What you may not have realised, in relation to double-glazed windows, is that the panes do not necessarily have to be transparent. The industry, as a whole, has come on leaps-and-bounds in recent years, which means that as a customer, you have access to an excellent selection of designs. Since the turn of the century, more-and-more homeowners have begun to look into the possibility of having their double-glazed sash windows in London equipped with obscure glass. Whether you appreciate the simplicity that is offered by Chantilly, or would like to go a little further in your design and opt for Everglade, the results will not leave you feeling disappointed.

In case you were wondering as to the reasoning behind choosing obscure glass, allow Premier Windows to shed some light on the matter. With this in-place, you will never again have to be worried about the prying eyes of your neighbours and passer-bys. Instead, you will be able to revel in a newfound level of privacy within the comfort of your own home, something which you should be able to take for granted. 


Sash Materials

Should you be determined to buy double-glazed sash windows in London, you might be interested to learn about the different materials that are currently available on the market. Here at Premier Windows, we have sought to create a catalogue that caters to all preferences. Therefore, in our eyes, it does not matter if you would like to stick to traditional options using a timber frame, or if your modern home requires the sleekness that is offered by uPVC. Our main aim is to leave you with a smile on your face, and this is something which we can achieve with ease.


Why Buy Triple-Glazed

The majority of you reading this, in all likelihood, will already be well-versed in the various benefits that are associated with double-glazed windows. The chances are that you will have seen adverts about these types of products on a regular basis. However, it could be that you are slightly ignorant as to what the difference is between those, and the units of the triple-glazed variety. Whilst they remain first-class in the way in which they insulate your property, allowing you to save money on your heating bills, it is their ability to block outside noise which truly allows them to stand out from the crowd. For those of you that would be interested in purchasing triple-glazed sash windows in London, Premier Windows are undoubtedly the firm that you need to do business with.


Window Styles

Once you have made a decision as to whether or not you would like your windows to be triple-glazed, the next big choice that you need to make is in relation to the window style. Though it is true that triple-glazed sash windows in London have taken off in recent years, this is not to say that there are not alternatives that may be to your liking. Case-and-point, casement windows have remained popular amongst homeowners whose properties are on the older side. Not only this, but you will need to assess the different materials that can be used, and work out which is more in-keeping with your home’s exterior visuals. For the most part, the final choice boils down to either uPVC or timber – both of these have their own benefits, which you can read more about using the links provided. In either instance, you can be rest-assured that Premier Windows will not let you down.


Benefits Of Sash Windows

It is not difficult to see why sash windows have become a highly sought-after home improvement in the past couple of years. The durability that is offered by the frame ensures that you won’t have to spare too much of a thought on the possibility of a break-in. Not only this, but they’re excellent from a structural integrity perspective; this means that you will be subjected to reduced amounts of noise pollution, which should be music to your ears. Finally, they are regarded to be an incredibly affordable product – even on a strict budget, they should be relatively simple to purchase. For those of you that are determined to buy sash window replacements in London, your first point-of-call should be Premier Windows.


Exploring Our Catalogue

We are sure that you would be interested to learn that when you decide to do business with Premier Windows, it is not solely sash window replacements in London that you have the opportunity to get your hands on. As a company, we have always been dedicated to offering our customers a healthy, well-stocked catalogue through which to browse. At the moment, this means that you can expect to find such products as timber entrance doors and high-end casement windows. We hope that this is enough variety to convince you that we are the perfect choice of retailer for you.


Want to Purchase Double-Glazed Sash Windows in London?

In the past, it was not uncommon for homes to be compromised during the colder winter months of the year; this was predominantly down to the poor insulating capabilities of the windows. Thankfully, this is a problem that was addressed by the introduction of double-glazing. These are able to drastically improve thermal efficiency of your property, the benefits of which we will touch upon down below. 

There may be some of you reading this that are in the market for double-glazed windows in London, but have so-far been unable to find a retailer that can live up to your expectations. In this department, you could do a lot worse than enlist the help of Premier Windows. We take great pride in supplying our customers with first-class products at affordable prices. To get the ball rolling, we ask that you send your personal details to us via the enquiry form situated on our website – we look forward to hearing from you. 


Our Background In The Field

Since their emergence onto the market, double-glazed sash windows in London have proven to be incredibly popular home improvements. There are a plethora of benefits associated with these units, which we will touch upon in greater detail down below. However, before this, we think that it is important to shed some light on why it is that out of the numerous retailers in the capital, it is Premier Windows that is deserving of your business. Whilst we could point to our pricing structure, we believe that it is our abundance of Google Reviews that truly showcases our credentials. Feel free to skim over these if you have a moment, as they will certainly make for pleasant reading. 


Why Go For Double-Glazing?

Should this be your first time looking into the possibility of acquiring double-glazed windows, we think that it is important to highlight the benefits that you can enjoy from this type of switch. By far-and-away the biggest selling point of these units is that, in the long-run, they can save you a substantial amount of money. If you have become sick-and-tired of being hit with extortionate energy bills month-after-month, these are the products for you. We are glad to be able to put any concerns regarding their costs to bed, as when the time comes to sell your property these will be a valuable feature that your prospective buyers will greatly appreciate. If you have been convinced as to why you should purchase double-glazed windows in London. Premier Windows is more-than happy to help.  


Would You Like Replacement Sash Windows in London?

Do you need replacement sash windows in London? Then Premier Windows are the ones you need to get in touch with, and we can operate throughout South London to provide exceptional window replacements and renovations that are second to none. We specialise in working with uPVC and timber products, depending on your preferences and will go the extra mile to design and install each window to perfection. Our qualified and experienced team will dedicate their time to ensuring that you receive unique and personalised windows that complement your home, exquisitely, so why go anywhere else?


Which sash window style is right for you?

Over the years, we have been able to become an extremely versatile company that can accommodate a wide range of needs across the city with our sash windows in London. This includes those interested in either uPVC and timber, both of which can easily be tailored to suit your specifications with made to measure framework and 21st century, high-performance security. However, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you. That is why we helpfully recommend that customers living in traditional properties obtain uPVC for an elegant and classy look. On the other hand, we believe that those in more modern properties attain timber as they offer a contemporary and rustic feel. Yet, you can be confident in knowing that each style provides its uniqueness, allowing you to add personality to your homes.  


How can we help you?

Here at Premier Windows, we will always be on hand from beginning to end to support your needs. Through from the initial inquiry through to completion, our team will use their wealth of experience and dedicate their time to ensuring that your sash windows in London have been installed to the highest standards possible. With our outstanding products and quality craftsmanship, you will receive an unbelievably helpful service that you can trust. Our windows are cost-effective and durable with a lifespan of up to sixty years, giving you assurance that you are making the right investment with us and getting the best value for your money.


Do you wish to get in contact with us?

So, if you are interested in purchasing our sash windows in London, feel free to call us on 020 8683 4446, and we can arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and establish a fitting date at a time that suits you. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at and our customer service team will be in touch shortly.