6 Key Benefits of uPVC Sash Windows

Sash windows have always been a popular choice for many traditional homes, and there is a good reason for this, they are very attractive and effective. However, over the last few years, timber sash windows have become significantly outdated and unused, but we want to keep the classic design alive, which is where uPVC Sash windows are ideal. 


With that being said, many people are still unaware of their benefits, which is why the knowledgeable team at Premier Windows have created this guide covering six key benefits of installing uPVC sash windows in your home. 


What are uPVC Sash Windows?


To give extra clarity to this guide, it’s important that you are fully aware of what uPVC sash windows are. They follow the same concept of traditional sash windows, but instead of using timber like previously stated, it has been replaced with uPVC so that it can replicate the look of wood whilst also increasing in quality and endurance. 



  • They boost thermal efficiency



One of the most noticeable differences is the significant boost in thermal efficiency. This is because uPVC is a very tough and durable material, meaning very little air holes or gaps will occur, compared to traditional timber. Additionally, it’s more than likely that double-glazed glass will also be used for the sash window, enabling for almost all uPVC sash windows to retrieve an A-grade for energy efficiency. 



  • Reduce noise pollution



Following a similar trend, you are also likely to notice a reduction in noise pollution. For the exact same reasons as mentioned above, the increase in insulation levels will help to reduce the impact of noise pollution and make it harder for you to hear outside of your home. 



  • Improved home security



Every homeowner wants to feel safe in their own home, and unfortunately, your window can be one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Fortunately, uPVC sash windows have been proven to be very secure through the use of several security features such as sliding locks and Georgian bars, both of which stop anyone else from being able to enter through your window without being noticed. 



  • Visually appealing



There’s also no denying that sash windows are highly attractive, design-wise. The standard design for most sash windows is very appealing, hence why it has been used for several years before uPVC was invented. However, with the use of uPVC, it can be finished with a selection of authentic wood grain finishes so that the window is stylish, but also unique to your own home.  



  • Require less maintenance 



If you are planning to replace your current timber sash windows with the latest uPVC alternative, then you also be pleased to hear that there is far less maintenance required. This is because they will simply need cleaning with the correct approach to guarantee a long-lasting and durable window. 



  • Your home’s value will increase



Finally, it’s more than likely that your home’s market value will also increase. Primarily due to the points mentioned above, your whole home will become much more secure, warm and appealing, as well as much more modern by using the latest techniques used. Whatmore, in the short term basis, it’s likely that you will have money on energy bills thanks to the thermal efficiency that is provided. 


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